Selina Flowers is a well established Kenya & Ethiopia fresh cut flower growing & exporting company. We supply Roses, Spray Roses, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Lilies & Fillers to every type of client in Europe ( France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Holland), Australia, Russia,Japan and Middle East(UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) markets.

We take pride in our flowers no matter what their use. We are dedicated to provide you with the most choice flowers of Kenya & Ethiopia.

Our customers especially appreciate our reliability in quality and service and our wide assortment. Our suppliers value the clear long-term relationships and transparent way of doing business.

Kenya Roses


Whether they come in Peach Pink, Kiwi green with a light cream or deep yellow, Selina Flowers has perfected the art of growing, tending and exporting Kenya roses. Our roses create  beautiful ambiance, elicit memories. They nurture good feelings and out of the deep scent of love, care and delicate appreciation, they communicate. Flowers can say just about anything, from hurt to love to sorrow to sheer unadulterated affections. More about Kenya Roses

carnation (1)


Kenya carnation flowers are known to be one of the most majestic and beautiful flowers in existence on planet earth. With much-dedicated care and attention, Selina Flowers grows and exports carnations worldwide, producing only the highest quality of Kenya carnations. When they arrive at your destination, they look pristine – ready to impress. More about Kenya Carnations

Kenya Lilies


Kenya lilies are absolutely amazing thanks to the climate that enjoys plenty of sunshine, sufficient moisture and the rich soils. All these factors guarantee that the Kenya lilies can be produced all year round to satisfy a world market that wants the touch of the luxury that lilies convey at different celebrations and special occasions every month of the year. They have become a favourite with ladies everywhere as a touch of the exotic. More about lilies from Kenya

Kenyan Chrysanthemum


The Kenyan chrysanthemum is also known for its herbal properties which is mainly derived from tea. The flower can be brewed to produce a delicious concoction packed with numerous health benefits. It is commonly used to treat hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and respiratory problems. It is also good for calming down nerves and inflammation. Do you want to enjoy chrysanthemum tea? All you got to do is dry the flower and brew it to your desired taste. More about Kenya Chrysanthemum

Kenyan flower fillers


We are not only known for our chrysanthemum florets but also for our lovely filler flowers. Filler flowers are known to add texture, bulkiness and a decorative accent to wedding flower arrangement. Kenya fillers from Selina Flowers will serve as a perfect wedding centerpiece.

The thick and beautiful foliage of Kenya fillers cannot be compared: they are simply a work of art. If you are big on fillers, you probably understand that a huge supply of foliage is key to creating a good flower batch. More about flower fillers from Kenya